Jordi’s Bar

jordi’s bar

On Thursday I had supper with Oli at Jordi’s Bar. This is a local restaurant in Calella which specialises in Asian and Thai Fusion food, though I believe you can have steak and chips if you ask for it and they cater for vegetarians and people with a gluten free diet.


Oli raved about the Jordis back in November, but somehow it’s taken 3 months for me to dine here. I was assured that the food is better than the real (non Catalan) far eastern restaurants in Calella. At the weekend there’s even a queue to get in!


I visited the loo, on arrival and could smell nems as I passed the kitchen. I mentioned this when I returned to the table and nems were on their way with the wine. The nems were perfectly crunchy and the spicy sauce left a lingering hot stickiness on the lips.

clos primat

We drank a local Clos Primat blanc with our food – this is an excellent local wine on many restaurant wine lists in Calella. It’s about €3.50 in the shops and relatively cheap in restaurants.

panang curry

Oli ordered a Panang Curry which was moderately spicy and contained chicken. Panang curry is a type of red Thai curry containing peanuts and coconut milk.

green curry

I had a hot green curry – typically made with chicken, green chillies, lemongrass, coconut milk, ginger, cumin, cilantro and Thai fish sauce. This increased the tingle on my lips and gave me a pleasant, warm internal glow.


I finished my supper with a carajillo (an espresso with a large measure of brandy in it) the day had been quite mild (16º C with bright sunshine), so we ate al fresco, but by this time the night was closing in and it was getting nippy.

jordi senior

We were served (mostly) by Jordi junior, but when we went in to pay, Jordi the owner chatted to us about the family history. While we drank chupitos (on the house) Jordi pointed out his father, Jordi (the previous proprietor) who’s picture is on the wall. For anyone wondering, the name Jordi is the same as George (in English) and the patron saint of Cataluña is Sant Jordi.

Expect to pay about €45 for two people.

Jordi’s Bar is at: Carrer de Sant Josep, 20, 08370 Calella, Barcelona.

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12 Responses to Jordi’s Bar

  1. Ron says:

    MD, that meal is right up my ally and a bargain at half the price. That green curry looks so inviting and now I’m thinking of having Thai for lunch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Unusual to find a restaurant like this, how wonderful!

  3. Eha says:

    As you can imagine I would have loved to see what such fusion brings to the table in a Callela restaurant in NE Spain 🙂 ! Hmm! Altho’ these days most of my menus move further East my specialities of Southern Asia are mostly of Keralan and Goan origin . . . and naturally there are dozens of dishes which might deserve the name ‘Goan chicken curry’ !! Actually any served should have been more than moderately hot. Thai green curries are hugely popular here in Australia – actually yhe various ones are almost the only for which I may not make my own paste as all of the herbs are not always on hand. Grow my own lemongrass, Thai basil and coriander of course. Fun read

  4. Karen says:

    I would love to have shared that meal, especially the green curry as it looks delicious.

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