Bumblebee Natural Foods

Bumblebee Natural Foods

February 2nd, 2011

Bumblebee Natural Foods are 3 shops on Brecknock Road, originating from this one (pictured), the nut shop, in 1980. Since then the business has expanded to include a bakery next door, plus a vegetable shop and natural remedies shop across the street. As per the name, Bumblebee specialises in whole foods, organics, fair trade and as far as possible, local produce.

I go to Bumblebee to buy loose pulses (which are far cheaper than those packaged in supermarkets), beans, chickpeas, dried herbs, live yeast, tahini and occasionally bread. They can arrange organic vegetable boxes and in my experience have always been friendly and helpful. There used to be more shops like this before they all got bought up and ruined by Holland and Barrett! I’ve been here twice in the last week, to buy cannellini beans and chickpeas by the kilo.

Bumblebee Natural Foods is at 33 Brecknock Road, N7 0BT. It’s rumoured that Boy George shops here…

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4 Responses to Bumblebee Natural Foods

  1. rick sareen says:

    They also do brown rice pasta which sounds like the ultimate unappealing veggie thing but turns out to be much nicer than the normal stuff and very good for your innards.

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