Indian Sabor

indian sabor

We noticed a new Indian restaurant here, last week, Indian Sabor (just around the corner from us in Calella). It has opened in time for the summer season and they seem to have spared no expense on the decor. We thought it would be polite to go and visit…


At first glance, it looks like there are about 6 tables, with a modern open kitchen and bar at the back.

brass cooking pots

I was quite taken by the brass cooking pots, though I’m sure they are more decorative than practical these days.


However, when you turn right at the bar, there’s a vast covered courtyard, with vaulted, sliding roof, which will be fantastic during the the summer. We did appreciate the open air and moon gazing this early in the season.

vega del cega

Vi rosat seemed to be an appropriate drink and the Vega del Cega was quite tasty (though there are many far more local wines which are equally good).

papad dum

We had some papad dums to start

lime pickle

and I was pleased to see that they came with lime pickle (which I find quite addictive). Here they contain caraway seeds and are freshly fried in ghee.

paner palkora

Nookie ordered paner palkora, as a starter – this is a delicious Indian fresh cheese fried in a chickpea batter.

tandoor wings

Oli and I, were impressed by with the tandoor chicken wings – I’ve never had this before, but imagine that the inspiration comes from American buffalo chicken wings with hot sauce. I’ve enjoyed a lot of buffalo chicken wings in the USA and now I’m completely converted to tandoor wings – they are fantastic!

palak paneer

Nookie is a big fan of paneer – so palak paneer was her obvious choice. For those who haven’t tried this before, it’s a fresh (cottage) cheese like dish with spinach.

squid masala

Oli and I shared a delicious squid masala (complete with ten tickles)

shahi gost

and a shahi gost – lamb cooked in a spicy coconut cream sauce.

basmati rice

Everything came with a light and fluffy basmati rice.

keema nan

In addition, we had a keema nan, which seems to have become quite pizza like. I’m far more used to this (and prefer it) cooked as a flat bread stuffed with lamb and cooked in a tandoor oven.

sailor sam

Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the food here and were well looked after by the staff. I couldn’t help noticing an old and quite French looking decoration at the back of the courtyard, no doubt from a previous incarnation of the local. I’m pleased to see, what must be a French man in a traditional striped jersey and beret, astride a brandy or wine bottle, kept for posterity. He has a certain amount of charm and I’m glad he wasn’t thrown out with the bath water.

Our dinner for 3 came to just under €87, including 3 bottles of wine – so good value!

Indian Sabor is at: C/ Amadeu 24, Calella, Barcelona, 08370

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6 Responses to Indian Sabor

  1. Eha says:

    *huge smile* Oh Mad you have given me my laugh of the day – where do the ‘ten tickles’ come from in the masala – oh, I always include tentacles in mine . . . best.

  2. Ron says:

    Mad Dog, the Indian Sabor started out looking a bit lacking, but the patio area looks grand. The food looks tasty and I’d dived into any dish. But, given one choice I’d gone for the Shahi Kurma as it’s a fav of mine. Your right about those pickled limes they are additive. I also find it hard to resist pickled aubergines as well.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Ron – the restaurant is quite big, but being just 2 weeks old, it’s lacking customers. especially on a Monday night. I’m sure they will do well as the season progresses.

  3. Karen says:

    The meal sounds good and you are right, lime pickle really is addicting. So very different from your normal evening meals.

    • Mad Dog says:

      Thanks Karen – I’m going to have to make some pickle, or better still, the lemon one, which is very hard to find in Europe.

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