November 29th 2012

We went to a birthday party at Caravelle last Saturday, a fairly new restaurant in Raval, owned by a friend, Australian chef Zim Sutton. We shared most of the dishes on the menu and 20 or so people dived in at once, suffice it to say, it wasn’t a great photo opportunity – never mind, that gave me a very good excuse to go back!

Zim has concentrated on a short menu with 4 or 5 items in each category and in my opinion that’s how you produce the best food.

bbq prawns

bbq prawns

To start we had delicious, smokey BBQ prawns with lemon, feta and oregano,

pumpkin risotto

pumpkin risotto

followed by pumpkin, sage and goat’s cheese risotto.

luganica sausage

luganica sausage

Our main course consisted of a fantastic, home made, Luganica sausage with sage, fennel pollen and peperonata,

lamb with dill and lemon yoghurt

lamb with dill and lemon yoghurt

succulent leg of lamb with dill and lemon yoghurt,

white-bean gratin

white-bean gratin

baked white-bean gratin with mascarpone and parmesan,



and a little mountain of peas, lemon zest, feta and mint.

The lamb was particularly tender Spanish lamb and I thought the white-bean gratin had a slight hint of marzipan.

spiced plums

spiced plums

We didn’t eat dessert, but the meringue with mascarpone and spiced plums



and the toffee apple and pear crumble looked excellent!

zim - hard at work

zim – hard at work

On Saturday we ate the meatballs in tomato sauce, which would easily satisfy a hungry Catalan customer, as would the amazing fried salt cod with smoked tomato allioli. The chicken with piri piri was succulent and contained the perfect amount of chilli. I don’t normally eat much cake, but the birthday cake (made in house) had me going back for more – I believe it was down to the use of mascarpone instead of cream…

más amor

más amor

To go with our dinner we drank a perfect local rosado called Más Amor (More Love) – what a great name!

Caravelle is at: C/ Pintor Fortuny 31, 08001 Barcelona

The food and service here is excellent.

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23 Responses to Caravelle

  1. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration – love that wine too!

  2. It all looks delicious – what a great celebration! And the photos are lovely….although I don’t want to take away your excuse to go back again!

  3. Tessa says:

    What a lovely meal! I also agree with you on restaurants with short menus. Looks like your friend Zim does great work!

  4. ChgoJohn says:

    Now this is how a birthday is celebrated! What a meal! I would love to find out how the white bean gratin was prepared. It sounds delicious.
    I agree with your observation about menu size. It’s always a disappointment to be handed a menu that resembles a book rather than a short list of options. Less is definitely more when it comes to the quality of the dishes prepared. 🙂

  5. Terrific set of dishes! Particularly into the lamb and peas…having just purchased some baby lamb chops for a special treat with my little man!

  6. Eha says:

    OK, one does not say ‘OMG’ on a blog like yours but this, to me, is absolute perfection of which I would so have liked to have ‘partaken’! Either I wax lyrical for a dozen lines, or just say: ‘Thank you for having allowed us to be there . . .’ Nought wrong with my imagination 🙂 !

  7. Food looks wonderful. I like the idea of a white bean gratin.

  8. What a brilliant restaurant – top menu. Lucky bugger:)

  9. Audrey Evermore says:

    Hello Mad One from the Southern Hemisphere …we are a global family . Love and food is all we need … and more love and more food is paradise. How cute that there was one BBQ option … xxx

  10. Karen says:

    When a menu is small, you know each dish is special. The whole meal sounds delicious.

  11. Todo tiene una pinta buenísma MD. Si alguna vez voy a BCN lo tendré en mi lista de sitios a visitar 🙂

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