La Braseria

la braseria

October 14th, 2011

I’ve been working in Poble Nou (New Village), the industrial district just outside of central Barcelona. On Friday I had lunch with my friend Adrian, at one of his local bars, La Braseria – a fairly typical Catalan bar. In Spain it’s normal for bars and restaurants to offer a 3 course lunchtime menu, including drinks for about €10.


We both ordered gazpacho as our starters, a cold tomato soup, containing bread, garlic, pepper, cucumber and olive oil.  It was very good and quite similar to my recipe here.

conejo con sanfaina

I had conejo con sanfaina for my main course – pieces of rabbit cooked in a Catalan ratatouille. Adrian had sea bass.


I skipped pudding, due to lack of room and had a coffee and a chupito de Hierbas – an ice cold shot glass of an aniseed and herb liquor from Ibiza, purported to have curative powers.

La Braseria is at: Carrer Pere IV, 36, Poble Nou.

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12 Responses to La Braseria

  1. Three cheers for the Spanish Menú – and glad to see you are not going hungry on your trip!

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