Joanet (revisited)


April 22nd, 2012

Weak and hungover after the Expo yesterday, I went out to meet my Betty Ford friends, for a very late lunch. We went to Joanet, an old favourite, that I’ve blogged before and definitely one of the best places for lunch in Barcelona. We had a hilarious time recounting all the daft things that had happened last night.

alcachofas fritas

Nookie ordered some alcachofas fritas (sliced fried artichokes) for the table. I’d never had these before – they are deliciously crispy and very easy to make.

mejillónes a la marinera

For my starter I had mejillónes a la marinera (moules marinière) – a perfect, traditional dish of mussels.

espárragos a la plancha

Nookie, sitting on my left had some delicious espárragos a la plancha (asparagus cooked on a griddle) – I know, she kindly let me try one. It’s asparagus season now and so much better when eaten as fresh as possible – buy this from the famers’ market and not a supermarket, where it will be older and lacking flavour. This will also cook similarly well on a barbecue.

conejo con allioli

For my main course I had conejo con allioli (rabbit with allioli). Wild rabbit cooked on a griddle or barbecue is delicious with allioli and fried potatoes. Britain is overrun with rabbits and the wild ones taste terrific – try to avoid farmed rabbit, it may be large but it doesn’t have the taste.


Nookie once again had some delicious looking food – peeled and boiled artichoke hearts – she offered to let me try them, but it seemed like I had a lot more on my plate than she did, so I politely declined.

crema catalana

For pudding I had Crema Catalana – the Joanet version is one of my favourites and is flavoured with lemon, orange zest and cinnamon.

I drank the house red wine, which is served cold and in a Grolsch bottle. You can’t beat Joanet for value, especially on a week day when the menu costs 10.50 €. Don’t go here at night – it’s lunchtime only.

Joanet is at: Plaça de Sant Agusti Vell, 6 , 08003, Barcelona

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38 Responses to Joanet (revisited)

  1. Looks Great, Crema Catalana is one of the best desserts!

  2. ChgoJohn says:

    What a feast! I need to stop reading your post before suppertime. My meal is such a disappointment following these posts. ((Sigh))

  3. Wonderful food! I haven’t been to Spain. Must go!

  4. How was the rabbit? I always almost order it on sundays, but I’ve had so many tough bunnies around the traps lately.

  5. What an amazing meal! I love alcachofas fritas and I’ve made them whenever I’ve had enough small artichokes, ever since I ate them in a restaurant in Figueres some years ago – it’s a way of cooking them that really concentrates the artichoke flavour…..oooh, I think I’me going to have to make some today now you’ve reminded me! All the other dishes are wonderful too, and of course you had to end the meal with crema catalana!

  6. Rabina, Michael and I were there the day before; it really is an excellent place. But you do have to get there earlyish – it was packed by 1.30.

  7. Fantastic – we´re off to see Big Man´s mum on Sunday (it´s mother´s day here) and we´ll be picking up a few kilos of alcachofas! Hope the head is better 😉

  8. zestybeandog says:

    What another great feast! I need some of that in my life!

  9. peasepudding says:

    Oh to be in Barcelona for spring, all those lovely Tapas.

  10. Karen says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch. I had to laugh about the wild rabbit. The last time my husband had rabbit while on a trip to Europe there was a piece of buckshot in it. No damage done and he laughed and said at least he knew it was wild rabbit.

    • Mad Dog says:

      It was excellent – buckshot’s a good thing – I generally find one or two bits in pheasants and other game throughout the winter 😉

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