La Mar Salada (revisited)

la mar salada

November 28th, 2011

To celebrate the success of the Homage to Cataluña shoot, a group of us went out to lunch at La Mar Salada. I visited this amazing restaurant about a month ago, but the menu changes frequently and the food looks and tastes so good that it’s worth me doing a followup post. The restaurant is quite expensive at night, but at lunchtime they do a 3 course menu, including a glass of wine for only €15!

calçots amb tempura

I had Calçots amb tempura i emulsió de romesco (Catalan spring onions in tempura with Romesco Sauce) for my starter. Calçots are a Catalan speciality – they are a type of spring onion which has been forced to grow extra long. Normally they are blackened on a barbecue and then wrapped in newspaper to steam and tenderise them. Calçots are (usually) served blackened and one peels away the outer layers. They are traditionally eaten with Romesco Sauce, a Catalan sauce, originating from Tarragona and generally served with fish. Romesco Sauce is typically made from almonds, hazelnuts, garlic, olive oil, red peppers, tomatoes, vinegar, onion, etc. Tempura is synonymous with Japanese food, but historically, it arrived in Japan with Portuguese and Spanish merchants and missionaries in the 16th century.

calamars farcits de butifarra negra

As a main course I had Calamars farcits de butifarra negra de perol amb salsa de tomàquet amb arròs Basmati (small squid stuffed with back Butifarra, in a tomato sauce on Basmati rice).

butiffara negra in the boqueria

These were delicious little squid stuffed with the black/blood version of the Catalan Butifarra sausage.

el tartar de salmó macerat amb gingebre

Oli had El tartar de salmó macerat amb gingebre, gelat de mostassa i salsa Yakisoba (salmon tartare, marinated in ginger, served with a mustard ice cream and Yakisoba sauce). It looked delicious and I didn’t hear any complaints!

petits plaers

For pudding I had Petits plaers (small pleasures). I saw someone else eating these beforehand – they looked so beautiful I had to order them. They had little biscuit crumb bases (like cheese cake) and different flavour fruit conserve toppings, apart from the last one on the right, which was a hard chocolate truffle.

gelat de iogurt

I think Adrian had the above, Gelat de iogurt amb coulís de gerds (yoghurt ice cream with raspberry coulis). Yet another piece of delicious food art!

la mar salada fish

After the fantastic food and a few bottles of Rosado, we set off (very happy) into the sunset, in search of a Vermouth Bar.

La Mar Salada is at: Passeig Joan de Borbó, 58-59, 08003 Barcelona

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10 Responses to La Mar Salada (revisited)

  1. We need to get to Barcelona if only to go to this restaurant at lunch time!

  2. Nice food and a very cool restaurant – it’s in my travel file for the next Barcelona visit.

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