Beef and Chilli Sausages

beef and chilli sausages

February 4th 2012

Marek the Butcher had some more sausages for me to try this week – beef and chilli. Marek said these contained ground beef, black pepper, chilli, paprika, red pepper and turmeric. In conversation he mentioned that beef doesn’t have the same fat content as pork, which is why beef sausages often have some pork or pork fat mixed in with the beef. To get around the lack of fat, Marek mixed his sausage meat with beef bone marrow – quite an unusual and delicious ingredient.


The sausages fried well and as expected, tasted quite spicy. The bone marrow added a slight creaminess to the taste and texture, while the turmeric gave them a hint of India.

melting butter

At the end, I stirred a knob of butter into the cooking fat, along with a little red wine and Balsamic vinegar, to make a sauce. I ate these with mashed potato and cauliflower, but could imagine them going well with pakora and/or a vegetable biryani.

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11 Responses to Beef and Chilli Sausages

  1. I’ve made plenty of sausages in my life, but never thought of putting bone marrow in. Genius!

  2. Oh my, Marek strikes again! These look wonderful and I can only imagine how they taste. Funnily enough, we had osso buco today…so bone marrow in this house too.

  3. ChgoJohn says:

    These sausages sound great! I’ve tasted beef sausages before — they were Hungarian-style, if I recall correctly — but pork fat was probably used. The use of bone marrow, for me, is inspired! It just might be time to get out the meat grinder again.

  4. I’m a huge fan of bone marrow – the St.John has done the most wonderful starter of bone marrow, toast and parsley salad. The sausages look excellent, and would look very good in my kitchen.

  5. ceciliag says:

    This is exactly the problem I have with my beef sausages..not enough fat.. bone marrow.. Hmm..Yours look pretty good, i love your sauce idea i will do that next time! c

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